Sine Body, 2017

Blown glass, unglazed porcelain, electronics, sound generated from the objects
Dimensions variable

Produced through the Urbanglass Visiting Artists Program and the Bard Research Fund.

Installation view, The Museum of Arts and Design, NYC

Acoustically reflective materials of glass and ceramic are formed into hybrid shapes that amplify, conduct, hold and release sound. I use a feedback process that reads the air mass in each vessel to locate, generate and record the harmonics of that particular form. There is no additive sound. The objects emit their own ideal frequencies-pure sine tones that resonate optimally in their bodies. In the installation, 12-18 of the vessels play together in a random sequence of intermittency, harmony and dissonance to form a chance composition. The installation is also a setting for performance in which the objects are played live, accompanied by a vocalist.